A beginner’s guide to men’s luxury watches

More than any other collection, Tudor’s black bay has lifted the brand out of the shadow of its famous parent, Rolex. Once seen as a brand for those who could not afford the “real thing” (sometimes called the “poor man’s Rolex”), Tudor has largely established itself and learned from its past glories.
Launched at Baselworld in 2018, Tudor Black Bay GMT nearly stole the show from Rolex’s reannouncement of their own historical classic, the stainless steel gm-master with Pepsi bezels. Tudor’s GMT fake watch uses the same blue and red color scheme but also a true retro aesthetic, making it a hugely successful addition to its vast catalog and one of the most popular luxury men’s watches on the market today.
The 41mm steel case, with a domed crystal and an oversized, unprotected crown, all the nostalgia is just right, and the internal movement (caliber MT5652) leaves a gap in the ordinary eta-powered alternative. From an impressive brand, Tudor black bay GMT is a stunning place to include in any luxury watch collection.
Men’s guide to buying luxury watches
With a wide selection of men’s luxury watches, the brand represents some of the best value for money in the industry. These days they are probably best known for their replica watches, their Aquis and retro-inspired 65 series are both successful, and our selection here takes us back to the company’s roots, which belong to their aviation collection.
The original grand crown test pilot was released in 1938, during the first true golden age of flight. Many of the basics of the pilot watch are reflected in this latest model; The 44mm watch is fairly large, with a black dial and a bright white phone with a high contrast. The 8 mm crown makes it easier to grip when wearing gloves, and the oversized index of bold Arabic numerals is submerged in super-luminova.
Best of all, this sport is very special. Another self-developed product, the. 111, is a hand-wound mechanism that offers an incredible 10-day autopilot capability, with a non-linear power reserve indicator on the dial and a small second counter next to it. After a 35-year hiatus, Oris debuted a brand new watch that adds an important value proposition to the most cost-effective watch in the game. Overall, the Oris Big Crown ProPilot caliber 111 is a very rugged model worth considering.


Rolex Shut Down a Swiss Factory During the Coronavirus Pandemic

There is major news out of Geneva tonight: Rolex will close its production facilities in Geneva, Bienne and Cressier for 10 days, effective 5 p.m. on Tuesday, March 17. Rolex CEO Jean-Frederic Dufour outlined the company’s plans in a letter to employees today. As the coronavirus outbreak continues to worsen, businesses in many industries around the world are temporarily shutting down and encouraging employees to work from home whenever possible.
Coronavirus continues to spread in many parts of the world, with Europe being among the most impacted. Just today, the Swiss newspaper Neue Zuercher Zeitung reported: “The Federal Council decided on Monday to tighten the measures to protect the population in view of the accelerated spread of the coronavirus…All shops, restaurants, entertainment, and leisure facilities will be closed until April 19, 2020.” As of March 15, the number of cases in Switzerland had risen to 2,330, according to NZZ; Eighteen people have died. Several Swiss cantons, including Geneva, declared a state of emergency on Monday.
As I said last week, we are facing a very serious situation. In order to protect you, your families and your loved ones, and to limit the risk of coronavirus transmission as much as possible, we have decided to close our manufacturing facilities in Geneva, Bienne and Crissier from March 17 at 5:00 PM through Friday, March 27, 2020. Of course, depending on the epidemic, that date could be pushed back.
Some services must remain open to the necessary business functions. Your manager will give you more details on this issue.
From now on, we demand that you strictly comply with the detention measures we have promulgated by the Swiss and French authorities.
I am convinced that this is just a difficult period, and that if we act well together, we will contribute to and participate in a stable situation, which will allow us to return to work as soon as possible with complete security.
Thank you for respecting your manager’s instructions so as to complete the transaction under favorable conditions.
Best of luck for the days to come, take care of yourselves!
Though the F1 season has been delayed by coronavirus problems, the watch world is moving forward – Bell & Ross have announced the latest addition to the R.S.20 collection as part of their partnership with Renault’s F1 Racing team ,with this being the fifth iteration of a watch from that partnership, What we see here is a 43 mm stainless steel racing timepiece.
The brand is known for designing watches with a special historical affinity and retro charm, but you won’t find them here. Instead, what you have is a genuine partnership that produces an aggressive modern design. However, if you look closely, you may only notice a few retro details interspersed with them.
From the point of view of the partnership between the watch and the car, there is a particularly harmonious design, from the choice of color to the layout of the numerals on the dial.
Of course, this is not the first collaboration between timepiece and auto-racing, and it certainly won’t be the last. Chopin Mille Miglia and Rolex Daytona certainly thought of it, but Bell & Ross abandoned many of the traditional design cues to create the series.
While some watches require a degree of exposition to explain the relationship between the product and the partnership, here we find these ideas to be self-evident. The watch has so much in common with the design language of the Renault racing team that it belongs almost entirely to an F1 car.
Of course, this is ironic. This particular watch is in the Bell & Ross “Vintage” collection. I know what you’re thinking: how can a watch with such a unique modern design exist under such a banner? We’ll get to that.
The BRV3 series consists entirely of 43 mm chronographs. Unlike the other V3 models, the watch has two sub-dials instead of three: a 30-minute timer at 9 o ‘clock and a small seconds counter at 3 o ‘clock. This is the caliber BR-CAL. The 301 is a Bell & Ross naming convention for the ETA calibre 2984-2. The same movement can be found in the Bell & Ross BR V2 94 Racing Chronograph reviewed here.
From a design point of view, the R.S.20 is relatively modest in its approach. Earlier R.S. models introduced yellow, orange, red, and green accents on the dial. Here we have a more conservative approach; Bell & Ross have decided to use only yellow.
I can’t say I disagree with the choice. It gives the watch a greater sense of identity, confidence and purpose. Without the previous model, we might never have gotten this one, so in this case, the watch is more mature than the previous model.
The watch has a bi-directional bezel and a countdown timer, while the tachometer scale is located in the case along the ribbon ring. Like other models in the range, the date window is almost hidden between 4 and 5 o’clock markers.
So there we have it: a large 43 mm case, a modern design, a touch of yellow. But vintage?
At this point, Bell & Ross refer to the crystal on the watch as “curved,” which probably means that the crystal on the watch is the same as that on other watches they’ve released in the past. It also shows that the dial is matte if there is no texture. Unlike its predecessor, the R.S.20 changed three lines of text with the dial at 6 o’clock: “auto/chronograph/100 meters.”
Each of these elements contrasts with the retro aesthetic in a public modern watch. Although they are not vintage in themselves, they evoke memories of vintage wines. Sure, it’s a delicate balance, but if worn on the wrist, it could prove to be enjoyable.

Information of the Patrizzi Dial Rolex Daytona

The life of the Rolex Daytona, nowadays the most popular ticket on the vintage watch market and the world’s popular chronograph, has experienced three generations, defined almost totally by their individual calibers. Let’s talk about the Patrizzi Dial Daytona.
The first wave started in 1963 and went on, but failed, all the way until 1988, using the manually-wound Valjoux 72 movement. The modern era models, lauched in 2000, are fitted with Rolex’s own in-house Cal. 4130 like the hottest chronograph on the market.
So, it finally led to patience-defying waiting lists and incredible premiums charged for those wanting to cut in line. As the Daytona’s reputation grew, more and more people began searching out the earlier examples—and the rest is history.
Made between 1994 and 1995 used an organic varnish, the black model called Zapon, to protect the Daytona’s face. Unrecognized at the time, the lacquer did not offer enough coverage and, over the years, the silver outer tracks on the iconic sub dials have oxidized, turning a definite brown color as they react with UV rays. The key point to collectors, the changes do not stabilize and continue to take effect the older the watch gets. It means every one of the so-called Patrizzi dials is special and, in the world of classic Rolex, unique equals expensive.
Due to their inherent rarity, it is the Zenith Daytonas, with or without a Patrizzi dial, which are currently representing a better bet for collectors than the very latest models. Visually almost identical to the contemporary example, the luxury replica watch is also the last all-steel reference sold without a Cerachrom bezel. The closest you can get to that classic effect within the modern range is with the white gold pieces, at a significantly higher price point.
Of course, if you do manage to get your hands on a Patrizzi dial Daytona, it stands for one of the most rock solid investment potentials of them all. With relatively few examples of its unique flaws on display, the beloved knockoff watch’s share price will only continue to rise. If you get the chance, you may do worse than getting it sooner.

The Incredible Hublot Big Bang

Red is a color with specific cultural meanings — danger, passion, excitement and love. Most of these sentiments or associations apply to replica Hublot‘s latest hit, “the Big Bang Unico Red Magic,” an excellent work that is impressive on many levels.
We need to start with this case. It’s inevitable. This is an amazing replica watch case on many levels, including pure brightness. It was a real Big Bang name. For starters, ceramic isn’t the easiest material to work with, and regardless of color, the highly polished ceramic front and back plates, as well as bezel, is achievement enough. But the real party trick is just how Hublot has succeeded to achieve such a bright color on ceramic, which is a tricky material. But Hublot are no slouches with material innovation — they’re one of the industry leaders when it comes to using unorthodox materials, and using them at scale.
It’s red, but not as red as the case. The dial follows the well-established convention of Big Bang dials – bold, floating numerals matching the case, set against the semi-skeletonized movement. There are lots to like here — the high contrast in general is great, and there are numerous little details to keep you engaged; I like the matt finish of the black lume.
Beating away inside the Red Magic is the HUB 1242, a Unico movement — a flyback column wheel chronograph that rocks a double clutch and an amazing mostly black PVD finish.
There is no doubt that the watch is as prominent as you would expect from a fire engine red 45mm watch. Oh, even the belt is red. So if you want to avoid attention, consider your warning. That said, the sheer size and boldness of the fake watch is what it means to me.
Some people like taking pot shots at Hublot because they’re easy targets in a lot of ways. The unashamedly out-there designs, the ambassador-heavy marketing model and large numbers of limited editions are all things that are anathema to a special breed of mechanical watch enthusiast. But this watch is the counter argument to all those things. The watch combines boldness and technical prowess, is truly innovative, and has played a role in driving material innovation in the industry. I can assure you that in the next few years, we will see more vibrant ceramic watch frames, watch cases and so on.I think that’s a good thing.

The very Special Replica TAG Heuer Monaco Piece d’Art

You’ve seen so many different kinds of Monacos this year, but I am sure that you haven’t met one like this. The result of a particular project given to TAG Heuer’s Vintage After-Sales department, what started life as a 50-year-old Monaco reference 1133B has been transformed into the brand’s own gift for the Monaco’s 50th birthday. a display caseback and a hand-finished example of Heuer’s Calibre 11 automatic chronograph movement, this extra-funky Monaco replica is being given to the collector community at Phillips “Game Changers” auction on December 10th. Proceeds of the sale will be donated to the United Way of New York City.
Dubbed the Monaco Piece d’Art, the story here is both in the refinishing of the movement, the packaging, and the assorted goodies included with this special Monaco. From the beginning of the movement, the whole assembly has been taken apart, reworked, and specially carved. Take a look at these photos: this is not some random cleaning, but a deep process treatment of the Caliber 11.
Requiring three months of work in the hands of the fake TAG Heuer’s most talented watchmakers, this single example now has three extra jewels, hand bevels, mirror polishing, and a funky 60’s inspiring engraving on the chronograph and hours bridges. Eventually, and visible on the dial-side of the replica watch, the date disc has been modified with red numerals, a subtle hint that this is not a standard 1133B any longer.
The Monaco Piece d’Art is presented in a particular red lacquer display case that holds not only the watch, but also the circle of metal removed from the caseback to allow for the display modification, a loupe, the original Monaco pamphlet from Heuer, and an 18 x 18-inch drawing of the unique caseback from the exceedingly talented Julie Kraulis. Finally, whomever takes this Monaco home from Phillips will also get a copy of TAG Heuer’s book Paradoxical Superstar, signed by Jack Heuer. Basically, this is what my Grandma would call “the whole kit and caboodle”.
In my opinion, this is a cool way to end the replica TAG Heuer‘s year-long Monaco celebration. Not only is it for those who are passionate about Monaco, but the proceeds will go to charity. Tinkering with a museum fake watch of great collectible value is certainly a bold move, but Monaco has always been a bold move, and you only turn 50 once. Interested parties should turn their focus to lot 50 of Phillips’ “Game Changers” and be ready to bid on the 10th.

Very Special Replica Rolex Daytona 6263 “Big Red”

Choosing one of the dozens of Rolex replica watches I’ve worn and admired over the years is no easy task. Finally, it was a toss-up between the so-called “Steve McQueen” Explorer II ref. 1655 and the “Big Red” Rolex Daytona ref. 6263. Ideally, I would choose a Rolex at each price point and in a perfect world be able to afford two – perhaps in the future on the road. But for me, if we were talking about the grail list, Daytona 6263 would win by a huge margin.
The first time I strapped on a Rolex Daytona 6263, courtesy of Bob’s Watches founder Paul Altieri on a visit to company HQ in California, I was a bit excited about the 37mm size. Ditto the fragility of some older Rolex references – the Big Red debuted in the early 1970s. Neither one turned out to be an issue. It is not inferior to the more famous and expensive reference to the 6263 “Paul Newman” version, which Paul Altieri also had in his collection and which I also obtained first-hand on that day.
And, I happened to be driving a bright red Lamborghini Huracán at that time, and I also wasn’t sure that the Big Red was a suitable companion for such a state-of-the-art supercar. But the Daytona with its black dial, black acrylic bezel, and just a touch of red is an inherently racy design, while the Daytona is the final driving watch, so the ref. 6263 turned out to complement the car perfectly. Paul Altieri pointed out that the contemporary stainless steel Daytona with Cerachrom ceramic bezel draws heavily on the design of the 6263, which sports screw-down chronograph pushers and the ‘Daytona’ name in red, as does the new model. Even the Cerachrome bezel calls to mind the reference 6263.
However, not all the fake Rolex 6263 watches with the Daytona name in red are called “Big Reds” – this nickname refers to models with the famous name in an extra-large font. Taken together with its white sub-dials, the Rolex 6263 has a contemporary look which truly bridges the gap between modern and vintage.
The replica Rolex Daytona 6263 “Big Red” would be the ideal watch to pair with a Porsche 911 or Ferrari of a similar vintage. But a Huracán is hardly a poor pairing. The ref. 6263 was one of the select group of Rolexes picked to be part of the recent Bob’s Watches and Sotheby’s “Driver’s Collection” sale, and though it wasn’t a Big Red, it still brought lots of style – particularly paired with a 1971 Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona Berlinetta By Scaglietti.
Of course, big “red” is not so easy to buy, such auction is your best choice to buy at present. I once saw one in the window of a jewelry store in New Orleans after work, but unfortunately it was sold out when I returned. Eventually, of course, I will have to return Paul’s red Daytona, but one day I will no doubt sell all the other watches in my collection to buy one of my own.

Omega Seamaster Diver 300M “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service” 50th Anniversary Edition

Taking full advantage of the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, Omega replica needs something new to celebrate, and a new Bond watch to commemorate the 50th anniversary of On Her Majesty’s Secret Service is a timely reminder that in addition to astronauts, the fake Omega is also the preferred timekeeper of a certain secret agent.
Actually, we’ve always considered Lazenby to be somewhat underrated, and we’re even willing to neglect the fact that in the actual film he wore a Rolex “Pre-Daytona” chronograph ref. 6238, as this was well before Omega’s partnership with Bond producer EON Productions came into play in 1995.
Onto the new James Bond watch: the Omega Seamaster Diver 300M is not frequently celebrated as Omega’s most amazing timepiece, but the new fake watches may yet claim their place in horological history someday. Sized at 42mm and crafted in stainless steel, it’s limited to 7,007 pieces and features a black PVD on the black ceramic dial with a spiral-brushed gun barrel design in homage to the Bond movies’ opening credits.
Less quietly, at 9 o ‘clock, there is an 18-karat gold plate on the side of the box, engraved with the limited edition number of the work. 18K yellow gold was also used on the hands and indexes, including the special marker at 12 o’clock which was inspired by the Bond family coat-of-arms – a reference to Lazenby’s cover as a heraldic scholar in the movie. Another rather subtle touch is the use the classic “007” font for the 7’s that appears in the date window at 6 o’clock.
What we should mention is a “hidden” numeral ’50’ inside the 10 o’clock index which only appears in the dark as it is rendered in Super-LumiNova – a reference to the 50th anniversary of On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. The watch comes presented on a black rubber strap in a black box that is adorned with gun barrel patterns, gold 007 logos, and bullet-shaped buttons. Also included is a metal bracelet and a leather-trimmed travel case embossed with the Bond family coat of arms and the legend “We Have All The Time In The World” – a somewhat morbid reference to the film wherein Bond’s wife Tracy is murdered at the end.
Raynald Aeschlimann, President and chief executive of Omega, called the replica watches “a tribute to the classic bond movie and its most iconic character.”This unusual watch is elegant and full of surprises, and is sure to be popular with collectors and fans of the character, as it has many bond-related features.”We’ll see.

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Summer Rolex Replica Watch recommendations

We’re in August, but the hot weather in southern California these days feels like it is still summer. Doesn’t matter if you’re spending time on the beach, exploring outdoors, or relaxing with friends and family, here are some cool replica watches we recommend.
As the temperature increases, so does the size of the wrist. Have you ever noticed that when it is hot, your wrist will swell up and your watch would be unfit and tight? Don’t be afraid, this is where the super-practical Rolex Glidelock works his magic. Rolex’s patented Glidelock system allows dual expansion bracelets to expand and contract easily for optimal fit. Bracelets with Glidelock can be extended to 20 millimeters in a 2 millimeter increment without tools!
Another super comfortable bracelet to wear on hot and humid summer days is the innovative Rolex Oysterflex bracelet. More than your basic rubber belt, the oyster bends is actually a metal blade surrounded by a black elastomer. However, as good as the material is what’s underneath the bracelet. The oyster’s small “wings” under the Oysterflex not only provide some cushioning, but also leave some much-needed space between the skin and the belt for ventilation. No more sweaty wrists!
Last year, the only two replica rolex watches that had the Oysterflex bracelet were the Everose Yacht-Master 40 ref. 116655 and its smaller counterpart, the Everose Yacht-Master 37 ref. 268655. However, at Baselworld 2017, Rolex released three gold Daytona models with the Oysterflex bracelet. There’s the yellow gold Daytona ref. 116518LN, the white gold Daytona ref. 116519LN, and the Everose Daytona ref. 116515LN. Moreover, at Baselworld 2020, Rolex released the new white gold Yacht-Master 42, which also has a black Oysterflex bracelet.
What do all the watches we mentioned above have in common? Besides being rolex watches (apparently), they are all proud of their ceramic ring, the Cerachrom. Cerachrom is Rolex’s proprietary ceramic alloy found on most of their modern sports fake watch models. In addition to its attractive appearance, Cerachrom is praised for its ability to resist scratches. Also, it can prevent fading, so there’s no need to worry about hanging a ceramic Rolex on your wrist in the sun – perfect for summer!
In addition to the replica watches mentioned above, other great Cerachrom models for summer include steel yacht master II no. 116680, steel GMT master II no. 126710BLNR, and, of course, the very popular steel daytona no. 116500LN. For more prized options, there are the two-color master II reference no. 116681 and the gold gm-master II reference no. 116718.Another benefit of the GMT Master II model is the ability to track multiple time zones.


What is Replica Rolex Mark Dials?

In the Rolex collection world, there are some common terms that are important to understand in order to gain a better understanding of the vintage market. One of the more common terms is the Rolex “Mark Dials,” which you will almost certainly encounter at some point.”Today we will discuss the definition of replica Rolex mark dials and why they are important to watch collectors and fans.
The term “Mark” is used to distinguish between different dial styles within the same Rolex reference family. It is always followed by a number like Mark I, Mark II, Mark III, and so on.
Rolex replica has maintained the same reference number for some watch models, but has made significant changes to the dial over the years. These changes can include font styles, water-resistant depth rating positions, colors, text, hour markers, and Rolex crown shapes. With this change, the signage system allows Rolex collectors to distinguish dial designs because some are more collectable than others. To those outside the antique watch market, these details often seem trivial, but to collectors, different dials can translate into thousands of dollars.
It’s crucial to note that the Mark system is in no way an official Rolex one; on the other hand, it is one devised by Rolex scholars and collectors. As such, not only can Rolex Mark Dial charts differ a little across different sources, they can also evolve with the discovery of previously unknown design details.
Some examples of vintage fake Rolex references that feature different Mark Dials include the Sea-Dweller 1665, the Submariner 1680, and the Explorer II 1655. The Mark designation is particularly important with the two dive models because there are also the so-called “Red” versions of both the Sea-Dweller 1665 and the Submariner 1680, nicknamed so for the red text on the dial.
Similarly, the Red Submariner 1680 has several different dials, labeled Mark I to Mark VI, followed by the white version of the Submariner ref. 1680, also divided into different Mark dials.
For example, Rolex updated the Explorer 214270 to include better-proportioned hands and the addition of luminescence in the trio numerals on the dial. However, the fake rolex kept the same reference number that first accompanied it when it was introduced in 2010. Therefore, as a means to differentiate between these two versions, many have taken to calling the newer 2016 reference as the Explorer 214270 MKII.
In the past few years, Rolex also updated the Yacht-Master II, replacing the previous straight hands with Mercedes-style hands, and fitting it with a new dial that had different hour markers at the 12 and 6 o’clock locations. As always, when it comes to collecting vintage Rolex replica watches, the most important things seem to be the little details. And nothing is more important to the value of an antique watch than a dial, so it pays to know the Rolex mark dial.

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