The Most Important Rolex Replica Ambassador

During her 50-year career, Sylvia Earle led more than 100 scientific expeditions and worked more than 7,500 hours underwater. She has been a researcher at Harvard University, a national geographic explorer in residence, and a chief scientist at the national oceanic and atmospheric administration. For years, her work has been supported by Rolex. Her work is vital in helping to protect the oceans and their inhabitants.
Sylvia Earle is far from the flashiest or most famous fake Rolex Testimonee, but she is, if course, one of the most important, and while it’s doubtful that she helps the brand sell many replica watches, she embodies Rolex’s often overlooked environmental and conservationist efforts possibly more than anyone else.
Surprisingly enough, Earle’s Rolex of choice isn’t a Sea-Dweller or a Submariner, but rather a gold Oyster Perpetual Lady Datejust. As Earle explains it, for her Rolex replica isn’t merely a tool. “Most watches are looked upon as jewelry or – for us explorers – as an equipment to tell the time, but my watch to me has a much deeper meaning,” she says.
The concept of Rolex is to support exploration, conservation, art and the best of human beings. So to me, wearing it, like a signature, you care about those things, you share the ethic of caring. Earl has owned her own fake rolex since the early 1980s, when she saw her friend’s watch and marveled at its elegance and its ability to dive.
“It could go to black tie parties, it could go out in the raining days, it could go in the shower, it could become an extension of me, something I would wear all the time, everywhere,” Earle says.
“It’s like having a sixth sense on your arm, and it’s like being your guide. The replica watch has been my companion for decades. It has explored all over the world — to the north and south poles, to the Indian and Atlantic oceans, to the depths of the Pacific Ocean — in more than 30 Submarines. I spoke with me at the United Nations and met with some of the most influential people, including the President of the United States, members of congress and heads of state from around the world.”