Exclusive French Drawn Wigs

French drawn wigs are the first option if you are looking for the most natural look in alternative human hair. When you are in the market for the lace wig that is just right for you it is crucial to always consider the inside construction. If you have found the most suitable style and color, you should make sure that the base and inside construction is just for you.
How can we say it is so natural? The knots are totally hidden in between layers of glass silk, giving the most natural looking parting and appearance of scalp. This method features the most invisible knots ever seen in synthetic hair, the knots are Swiss lace and nowhere to be seen in glass silk this creates natural density. To help crate the most popular realistic appearance! These wigs are full-hand tied, and there are no wefts; to give the hair the most discreet look. This gives you the stretch from the front to back as well as ear to ear the wig has adjustments at the nape to allow wearer a perfect fit.
The difference between a French knot and traditional knot is that former is made up of three different layers it helps hide knotting and gives a more natural appearance.
With French Knotting, there is a ‘Glass Silk’ surface which is smooth and ensures comfort against the scalp.
There is a ‘Swiss Lace’ material in the middle of the layers, which the knots are secured to.
The top layer is made from ‘Glass Silk’ which hides the knotting for a total natural scalp appearance.
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