The very Special Replica TAG Heuer Monaco Piece d’Art

You’ve seen so many different kinds of Monacos this year, but I am sure that you haven’t met one like this. The result of a particular project given to TAG Heuer’s Vintage After-Sales department, what started life as a 50-year-old Monaco reference 1133B has been transformed into the brand’s own gift for the Monaco’s 50th birthday. a display caseback and a hand-finished example of Heuer’s Calibre 11 automatic chronograph movement, this extra-funky Monaco replica is being given to the collector community at Phillips “Game Changers” auction on December 10th. Proceeds of the sale will be donated to the United Way of New York City.
Dubbed the Monaco Piece d’Art, the story here is both in the refinishing of the movement, the packaging, and the assorted goodies included with this special Monaco. From the beginning of the movement, the whole assembly has been taken apart, reworked, and specially carved. Take a look at these photos: this is not some random cleaning, but a deep process treatment of the Caliber 11.
Requiring three months of work in the hands of the fake TAG Heuer’s most talented watchmakers, this single example now has three extra jewels, hand bevels, mirror polishing, and a funky 60’s inspiring engraving on the chronograph and hours bridges. Eventually, and visible on the dial-side of the replica watch, the date disc has been modified with red numerals, a subtle hint that this is not a standard 1133B any longer.
The Monaco Piece d’Art is presented in a particular red lacquer display case that holds not only the watch, but also the circle of metal removed from the caseback to allow for the display modification, a loupe, the original Monaco pamphlet from Heuer, and an 18 x 18-inch drawing of the unique caseback from the exceedingly talented Julie Kraulis. Finally, whomever takes this Monaco home from Phillips will also get a copy of TAG Heuer’s book Paradoxical Superstar, signed by Jack Heuer. Basically, this is what my Grandma would call “the whole kit and caboodle”.
In my opinion, this is a cool way to end the replica TAG Heuer‘s year-long Monaco celebration. Not only is it for those who are passionate about Monaco, but the proceeds will go to charity. Tinkering with a museum fake watch of great collectible value is certainly a bold move, but Monaco has always been a bold move, and you only turn 50 once. Interested parties should turn their focus to lot 50 of Phillips’ “Game Changers” and be ready to bid on the 10th.