Custom Borosilicate Glass Bottles

Custom printed bottles have always been one of the most popular promotional ideas. Their versatility and broad appeal ensure they are an ideal branding project for many promotional products wholesale and personal gift programs. While the promotional vacuum bottle’s most popular style in the last few years has recently had an impact on another stylish and ecologically friendly entrant, it also have become another reason to put promotional bottles on offer for large-scale branding and to expand its brand recognition. This latest bottle is borosilicate glass, which has many advantages that make it a natural material from which to produce high-quality beverages. promotional watches
As people become more aware of the ecological environment and its associated man-made and harmful chemicals entering the food chain, they are calling for a wider range of materials to be used in custom promotional products. In the past few years, borosilicate glass has become a popular bottle-making option because people have found many advantages of one glass bottle over the other.
The borosilicate glass bottle is a lightweight glass option that is made and treated in a way that makes it stronger and lighter than the standard glass bottles we use on a daily basis. Borosilicate glass is a popular choice for personal hydration because it contains both silica and boron trioxide. Mixing elements into a single bottle produces a bottle with excellent thermal properties. When hot or cold drinks are added, the bottle does not over-expand or contract, putting pressure on the overall structure. As a result, it is possible to produce bottles with much thinner walls and the same strength parameters. A light and complete bottle with a soft finish is a perfect branding opportunity.
Different styles of borosilicate glass bottles all have the same design cues but add extra features to make the range suitable for all users. With the addition of silicone sleeves and handles, the bottle’s insulation is improved, so it becomes more versatile. Clearly, for those most likely to receive promotional giveaways, a bottle that keeps its contents at a suitable temperature for consumption is preferred.
When it comes to brands with large surface areas available in glass bottles, ensure that standard screen printing is the best choice. Your identity and message will be highlighted, and ultimately your return on investment will be enhanced in terms of recognition of your brand and the message it supports.
If you’re looking for branded bottles to reward your customers or employees, you’ll have a hard time getting past the latest and biggest glass collections. Technical and emotional features make them a promotional standout quote you should check out the borosilicate glass bottle series available from us.